Private Sector Leaders In Nation Building, Through Education

J.I.S.A Week 2020

Theme: "Private Education In Jamaica: The True Story"

Date: November 8-14 2020



The Jamaica Independent School’s Association (JISA) was founded in 1969. It is a professional organization of Principals, Vice Principals and Directors of private schools. JISA is committed to building the capacity of private schools in order to improve teaching and learning so as to ensure that all children become functional individuals who will make a worthwhile contribution to nation-building.

Our Objectives


Encourage and foster the establishment of efficiently operating independent schools in Jamaica.


Achieve and maintain the highest moral, ethical and professional standards among administrators and teachers of independent schools.


Secure adequate representation on National Education Boards and committees, and through these, to establish and protect the rights and interests of independent schools and the teachers working in these schools.


Encourage the improvement of independent schools and seek governmental recognition of and assistance for all such efficiently operated schools.


  • Obtain discounts and best prices for educational and other services (i.e. health insurance)

  • Provide networking opportunities both nationally and internationally

  • Liaise between member schools and government agencies as well as the private sector

  • Advocate for benefits afforded public educational institutions (i.e. GCT exemption, training for teachers, duty free concessions on school buses)

  • Provide leadership training for private school administrators

  • Provide professional development programmes for teachers in private schools

  • Assist members with keeping abreast of best practices, current knowledge, and cutting edge technology

  • Represent members on private and public sector bodies (i.e. Overseas Examination Commission, Ministry of Education Independent Schools’ Committee)


  • Complete registration form/data sheet

  • Submit proof of registration from the Ministry of Education

  • Pay annual membership fee based on school’s population.

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