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Success does not come through wishful thinking nor the procrastination of necessary tasks. Setting goals, being deliberate, decisive and getting the right support are all critical components to informing success. Above all, your level of dedication will dictate the experience and eventual outcome. NURU Health Institute is a place for the dedicated. It's your move to make!

Admissions Requirements

Making important decisions must be done informed.

Diploma Certificate 1

Considering to earn a diploma, degree or certification at NURU Health Institute presents exciting opportunities for genuine growth in knowledge, skills, and competencies. All Programs currently offered are virtually instructed which makes participation for the working adult the more efficient. Requirements for admissions vary by program for the most part, though there may be some similarities in some offerings. So, take the time you need to peruse through the dedicated pages respective to your program of interest. Keep in mind that some programs may require the taking of a Pre-Admissions Essential Assessment (Pre-AEA). Where applicable, this is given when the majority of your application requirements are satisfied. Again, please read through all the information carefully when making decisions about applying to the desired program.

Administrators at NURU Health Institute are available to assist you get started with admissions. If you wish to speak to an admissions representative, feel free to complete an inquiry form and you will be contacted. An admissions representative will be glad to answer questions and offer any other clarity you may need through the admissions process. Among all administrative personnel, the commitment at NURU Health Institute is to offer the necessary support to ensure your decision, is very well informed from day one. You have what it takes to achieve that which you desire. Get to it!

Programs: Questions Often Asked

Virtual/Online Programs
Attending Classes
Out-of-State Prospects
Background Checks
What if I do not pass a drug screen?
Virtual/Online Programs

How do Virtual Courses work? 

Virtually based courses are also called online programs. At NURU Health Institute, all currently offered programs and their respective courses are all virtually base and facilitated through the Orbund interactive platform.

Attending Classes

Will I be required to attend online lectures at a specific time, or can I complete the course on my own schedule?

At NURU Health Institute, courses are offered both asynchronously and synchronously. Asynchronous meaning that you are not required to log in at any specific time. Whereas synchronous means being required to participate at a scheduled time. NURU Health Insitute programs necessitate active class participation. Whether advised mandatory or otherwise, instructors facilitating courses require astute dedication to any weekly or monthly scheduled virtual course meetings.  

Out-of-State Prospects
I do not live in FLORIDA. Can I apply and complete a program at NURU Health Institute while still residing in my state? 
In many states, yes. NURU Health Institute is currently a virtually based institute. However, in order to be compliant with federal and state laws related to online education and consumer protection, as well as State professional licensure/certification regulations, NURU Health Institute may not be able to offer some programs to prospects residing in certain states. In addition, some state laws may have limitations that could affect a program of study, including an inability to offer clinical or practicum opportunities.
State regulations undergo continuous updates, therefore in applying to a program:
(1) Non-Florida residents interested in pursuing any certificate/degree or diploma in a virtually based nursing program are advised to consult with their state's licensing/certification agency. or
(2) Any prospect that is planning to move or practice in a different state after having been admitted to a program at NURU Health Institute is responsible for verifying and determining whether or not he/she can continue in the program. Candidates of NURU Health Institute may call the Administrative Offices at 844-968-NURU for guidance. 
Background Checks

Do I have to do a background check and a urine drug screen?

Depending on what program you are admitted into, you may be required to complete a background check and submit a urine sample for a 12-panel drug screen. The background check is usually a "criminal" check and done prior to beginning any practicums. Urine drug screens are also submitted prior to beginning practicums. The cost of the background check and drug screen will be incurred by the learner. Be advised that NURU Health Institute faculty do not receive results. Information received from background checks and screen results are accessed by the Program Director, Director of Instruction and Learning, the Clinical Director and decision-making clinical/practicum partners. Clinical/practicum partners may refuse learners admittance to their site if a review of results compromises their operational policies.

What if I do not pass a drug screen?

If having an unfavorable background and/or drug screening result, you will not be placed and hence unable to complete clinical requirements; therefore, you will be dismissed from the program. Additional information on this serious step can be requested from the Clinical Coordinator. It is important to review all information prior to signing your Enrollment Contract and submitting your deposit. 


Will there be an orientation for the programs at NURU Health Institute?

Yes. Once you have moved from prospect to candidate status you will be given information regarding a mandatory virtual based orientation covering pertinent information on the Program for which you gained admission. This will include presentations about the framework of the Program, curriculum, uniforms, policy, and procedures, and other required information along with questions and answer section.

Transferring Credits from Previous Education


Credits earned from other educational institutions may convert to transferable credits towards your selected program of pursuit at NURU Health Institute. Though the equitable transfer of credit is program-specific, the importance of ensuring unnecessary repeat in equivalent prior course work successfully completed is taken very seriously. The coursework assessment process at NURU Health Institute observes the importance of fairness, current relevance and equitable transfers that encourage an opportunity to continue education at a qualitative level. Further information can be offered by an Admissions Representative upon application to a program.

About Accreditation

Virtual based (online) Nursing Programs: important things prospective candidates should know and understand about accreditation.

What is the meaning of accreditation?

Accreditation means whether an institution as a whole or their program(s) offered have been or are frequently evaluated by independent agencies residing over assessing the quality of education being offered by educational entities of higher learning.

Institutional accreditation (regional or national) is voluntary but requires an educational entity to have been functioning for a certain period before being eligible for assessment as a whole, which in most cases is no less than 3 years in operation. However, for the prospective candidate committed to due process, ensuring program-specific accreditation, where applicable, should be of primary importance as this attests that the institution, particularly if new, has gone through the necessary evaluation process before offering up a program to accept applicants. Being a newer institution, NURU Health Institute is still under the 3year mark for undergoing the voluntary institutional accreditation process. Nonetheless, be assured that all applicable programs currently being offered, which, if requiring endorsement from their respective authorizing agencies, have been approved accordingly for learner embarkment.

Additional Helpful Information on Accreditation:

1. Concerning Employers

Virtual program accreditation is important to employers. Accreditation speaks to the legitimacy of degrees obtained. Authorization is required to offering some programs. Nursing programs offered at NURU Health Institute needing such endorsement have undergone the approval process necessary before being made available for candidates. In general, agencies such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) are reliable authorities for verifying the legitimacy of programs or an institution.

2. Virtual Based Programs, a Higher or Lower Standard?

There is often a misconception that online-based programs are “easier” than residential programs. This is a fallacy, particularly pertaining to educational entities set up to prepare and train serious people who care about attending to solving real-life problems, an institution such as NURU Health Institute. The effectiveness of a program or an institution depends on the level of attention and intentionality given to the instruction and learning process by the faculty and learners. Residential (on-ground) and virtual/online nursing programs are all held to similar standards of higher education as determined by the ACEN and CCNE. Additionally, accreditation for virtual based programs is specifically reviewed on criteria for distance learning.

3. Practicum Sessions: Clinicals and Labs

Part of the endorsement process for virtual based programs by accrediting agencies requires institutions to have secured clinical sites and articulated how clinical and lab components of courses are going to be completed. Prospective candidates have to be clear that enrollment in virtual nursing programs necessitates participation in practicum sessions, often referred to as clinical and/or labs. Though some sessions may be a mix, including virtual simulation experiences, for the most part, at NURU Health Institute, the practicum sessions are attended in person and done at health care facilities approved by the institution. Practicum requirements, including further details on eligibility, time commitment, locations, travel, and other information, are all facilitated by the Clinical Coordinator at NURU Health Institute.

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